So I'm very young, 15 and I'm in a relationship of 2 and a half years with my bestfriend, who is my world! I know no one will believe me but i truely love him, we are basically a married couple hahah, and i always want to have my own family! we have had 3 pregnancy scares and although i know we can't have any children yet, i always wanted to be pregnant, however i never was. And I just feel so alone in the way I feel and no one else i know feels the same in the way I feel about wanting a baby.. I want to be a doctor or scientist in the future and I know i will be able to do that with a child because it will make me want to work extra hard so i can provide the best possible life for my child! My boyfriend, also 15 said he wants to wait where we have a proper job and our own house but I just want to be a mum so much! He has said if i ever got pregnant, he'd stay with me and support me in whatever choice I made.. If I chose to keep the baby if I ever became pregnant, would that be the right decision? Please can someone talk to me about this because I'm just so mixed and want a baby:( I'm sorry if no one agrees how I feel.. Thank you in advance