Do You Think We Should Have Community Sex Ed Classes?

Nina • Proud mommy

Okay so I've been thinking about our sex ed classes in school, and how a lot of kids still don't understand or want to better understand their sexual health and reproduction. Yes we could say go to college but I think it should be offered to every community. I think it should be so many weeks long, and the first week be specifically for parents and the basics and how to approach the subject with our kids.

I think too many fear if they know they will act, but in reality they act on it either way I feel as a parent I'd rather my kids be properly educated and being safe rather than doing and getting something or becoming pregnant. I also think on that it should be noted no I don't believe 11-15 year olds should be engaging in sex, but we should discuss the normality of being aroused.

So what do you think? Why? Or why not?