Gestational Diabetes

Courtney💎 • Wife👑 and Mamabear 🐻 Pregnant with #2💛
So I knew I was at risk for GD, primarily because I was diagnosed with PCOS around 17 years of age, I'm now 28 and have been able to manage it with diet and excersize, no medication anymore. I had no issues getting pregnant though, which I am thankful for. My dad is a diabetic so that also bumped up my chances slightly, but I just didn't believe I would actually fail both the 1 hour and 3 hour... but I did. I failed my 1 hour with a 189 (the cut off is 140) so I went on to take the 3 hour one week later. I don't know what the number results were yet but just that I failed that one as well. My diet will be modified for the remainder of
This pregnancy to treat the diabetes. I'm just scared it won't go away after my son is born ☹️️ anyone else fail their 3 hour? I'm currently 28 weeks  btw!