Has anyone dropped a night feeding?

We were swaddling and laying baby is rock and play to sleep for the first 4-6 weeks. He slept great, from 7/8 to 3, then maybe he would wake up before 7, sometimes sleep past 7. Then we transferred him to the magic sleep suit and his crib and since then he's been going down at 7/8 thwn up at 12/1 then another wake up between 3/5 am. Some nights he wakes up two sometimes three times a night. I know he can make it until 3 bc he did that for weeks but I'm wondering who has dropped a night feeding yet and how you did it? If he's not ready we'll wait but I want to give it a try. 
I've been reading a lot on helping babies such their sleep cycles together, and that when they wake up they aren't always awake or hungry, but instead trying to link the sleep cycles together. So I don't want to interrupt his sleep by picking him up and feeding him, but I can't tell yet if he's hungry or not. Although he's eating less at night for sure ...