FTM, baby essentials?

Gemma • FTM, Baby Girl 💞 *EDIT* Born 27/12/16, Eva Mae 😍

I don't know why but I'm starting to feel the need to start getting stuff because I thought we had heaps of stuff but we actually don't! We have our cot, change table + mat, pram, high chair (for later on), blankets, clothes (definitely not enough yet), bottles, a swing that rocks by itself...

Though now I'm like. I need a breasting feeding pillow, burping cloths, a baby bath, cot sheets, tummy time mat, carseat, dummies, swaddles.. Etc! I've ordered a nappy bag online which I'm excited about.

Any essentials you are getting, or already have for your baby?? Long lists are okay I just want to have something to cross off.

I'm 26 weeks btw 😃