Am I over thinking?

A little back story. Been with my fiance for almost 9 yrs. Never had protected sex an never got pregnant until last yr. I had two misscarriages. We started trying again right away. Well I'm supposed to get my period in 5 days. I've took one test yesterday came back negative an one on Sunday (even though I know it was early I couldn't help it) anyways I've been getting headaches an feeling a little nausea (not bad) but I've also been having very vivid dreams where I was pregnant or had a newborn. I've heard different things about dreams so not sure if that means anything.. But I'm so worried I'm thinking to much into these "symptoms" We Really gave it our all last month, an I want this baby so bad!! I really think when an if my period comes I'm going to be so heartbroken! Am I alone? Am I crazy?