*UPDATE*Mommies and nurses/doctors! This mom is scared!!!

Sarah • Working mom

So yesterday I had an ultrasound (I'm 26 weeks) it's the third one we've had. This one was to be 100% positive it's a girl, to make sure the placenta moved up away from the cervix (it did) and to get a better look at the heart because apparently she couldn't get a good look at it during our second one.

During this she snapped at least 5 pictures of the heart and I laid there for a good half hour twisting and turning to get baby to move around. My doctor thinks her left heart valve is smaller than her right. I am being sent to the hospital across the state line that has experts for a second opinion. My appointment is on the 25th and I am so scared!!!! My bff in high school had a heart condition and she died of it three days after her 21st birthday and left behind a 1 year old baby boy.

This isn't my first baby but this is the first time my baby may have something wrong before I even see her sweet face! Please any one know what this might mean??? My research has turned up almost nothing and my doctor doesn't want to tell me what it might mean until it's confirmed. I'm barely holding myself together right now...

Update if anyone cares...

Going into the ultrasound today and I am too nervous to eat. It is 640 am and way to damn early for me! Only appoontmentnthey had available was early morning and it's a 45 minute drive. Wish me luck!