Need help..please😟

My husband and I have been trying for a baby and I'm not supposed to start my period till this coming week. I have been pregnant before but had miscarriage at 8 weeks and I feel like I'm pregnant I have get up pee in middle of the night at the same time at like 3:00am every morning and what I need help with is MY BOOBS HAVE never felt like this like I can't let nothing touch them they are so bad and my nipples are sollowen up bad and my boobs got bigger I'm bloated big time... I get morning sick in the night sometimes I can't sleep after I get up to pee I get hungry..? I'm going test the first day I miss my period should I take ovulation test ? Or is this just big part of bing pregnant?👶🚼😘🎊😟 I need advised please thanks ?