I need help!

Stevie • Married💍 11.24.18 3.26.17 👼🏼 EVR
So let me start by saying for three years, I have been unable to get pregnant. The first year was more like a "if it happens, that's okay", the second year was like "why hasn't it happened? Let's actually try, but not stress yet", and this past year has been full blown trying. It has still yet to happen.
I have some-what irregular periods. I got depo when I was 16 and for a couple years they were all out of whack. About 2 years ago they started regulating to pretty much predicable. I usually never have cramps. 
I've began to watch those things more closely.
 In February this year I deleted my previous period tracking apps in hope that maybe if I don't know when my period will come, I won't stress, and it'll happen. Well the beginning of June I had wondered when my last period was. I pieced it together and assumed it came around May 15th. So I told my self to give it a few weeks and then test if it hasn't came. At the time my cycles were running right around 21 days. June 19th I woke up with SEVERE cramps, so bad that I couldn't even get out of bed and nothing was helping. Heating pad, different positions, menstrual meds, nothing. It last about 7 hours, and then stopped all together. Again, I never have cramps and if I ever do I barely notice them. I had started my period that day. It had lasted 7 days at a pretty much light flow. After that my cycles have been anywhere from 20-32 days and my period has lasted 3-7 days. Before that happened they were pretty much 21 day cycles 4-5 day long periods from Sept 2015- around May this year. 
Some other things I have concerns about are my sex drive has decreased a good amount, more than half the time that I have sex it's a bit painful and the best way I can explain that is that it hurts internally (like towards my lower abdomen), and my discharge is always different every month. Some months it's a lot, other I don't have very much. Most of the time it is clear and watery others it's white and creamy. Every couple months or so I get mucus-y clear discharge, but only for about a day. Never foul smelling or odd colors. 
I started my period this month on the 3rd and it ended the 7th. Since then I've been having cramping pains a little under my belly button, they aren't terrible, but still noticeable. Yesterday I had this really mucus-y white discharge. I've also been have a constant headache- not sure if that has anything to with this kind of stuff or not. 
I'm basically looking for advice, any similar stories, or insight/info on any of this. THANKS IN ADVANCE.