Moms with 2+ kids!

Meli • Engaged. 25 with a 7yo Daughter. Baby boy born Oct 17th, Napa CA
So I know EVERY pregnancy is different but im 39 weeks with my second baby (first was 7 years ago) & im getting super anxious! The unknown is driving me crazy! I wish we could just see the future and know when & what will happen. My question is, when you went into labor with your second baby was it similar to your first or totally different? Faster labor? Did you go into labor before your EDD? Or were you past due? My water broke naturally at home at exactly 40 weeks with my first & im really hoping it breaks this time around also on or before my due date. My hospital does not schedule induction until 42 weeks & im terrified of complications that can occur with being over due! Experiences greatly appreciated ladies!