any of you leaked amniotic fluid?

How do you know if it's amniotic fluid vs pee? Today I felt a slight watery fluid come down. I went to the restroom as I thought it was discharge. Well it was liquid. My underwear was teal, so I couldn't tell the color of the liquid. I smelled my underwear and didn't smell like pee or anything. Been getting my underwear wet, but haven't felt anything come down. I've just noticed my underwear is wet/damp every time I go check. I've been emptying my bladder constantly, but it hasn't helped at all. Tried to get those ph test strips to see if it's amniotic fluid, but none of the stores carry them in person only online. Anyways I will go to er and see what's going on. I hope it's just pee. Currently 17 weeks 4 days.😓 Please pray. Feeling paranoid and worried.