BF journeys don't go as planned

So my goal was 6 months of breastfeeding. Everything was going great. Never had a supply issue and I was donating several gallons a month because I had such an oversupply. The 5th month was a hard month where I hit a wall. 2 rounds of mastistis, breast yeast infection and baby teething. So I stopped pumping and my supply went slowly down. I had my weeping self all sad about ending my journey with breastfeeding and I remember the sadness of putting all the breast pump supplies away. Telling my milk donation moms I couldn't donate anymore and coming to terms with what was going to happen. My husband was supportive and I was ready. I had a pit freezer full of frozen milk that would last at least 2-3 months so I was ready. Baby had another plan....
My baby is 9 months and still nurses some during the day and almost all night it seems like. She may not get as much milk as before but she finds comfort in what she does get. I have surpassed my goal and then some. All while working full-time, being a scout troop leader and commuting 2 hours a day. And since I still nurse some the freezer full of milk is still almost full and will surely last until she is a year old. When people say you can't do something or you are ready to give up, its amazing how such a small little person can change all that. I am ready to stop any day and frankly im sick of being an all night pacifier for a baby with 4 teeth but I love my baby and will deal with until she is ready.