last night👌🏻💦

So I've never really orgasmed or cummed during sexual intimacy but the last few times me and my so have done it I've orgasmed and cummed ridiculously!👌🏻 I'm a rider me so I'll always start off on top and ride the fuck out of my boyfriend until I orgasm and I cum atleast twice when riding making him moan so loudly😍 then I get cramp so we swap over and he fucks me so hard till I cum again and he cums💦 last night was the best! We had the night off parenting duties and he's always big spoon so while he's spooning me I push my bum onto his dick making him hard and he thrusts back at me, he then pulled my hair out the way and started kissing my neck and that majorly turns me on😈 then he starts like caressing my body until I turn round, we have a cheeky kiss and he starts to go down on me (first time since having a baby 7 weeks ago) and OH MY LORD his tongue was working bloody wonders! I was orgasming one after the other and cumming everywhere😂👅💦 he then got up and I pushed him down stripping off and hopping on the disco stick, riding him like it was the last time I'd ever have dick🙊 he was clinging onto my thighs moaning like mad! I was making him moan immensely😍  Cummings and orgasming still he flipped me over and started boning me so hard I couldn't keep very quiet (luckily the next door neighbours werent in😂) legs wrapped around his head 👌🏻 
Thought I'd share my awesome night😂 I'm so horny writing this omfg🙈👌🏻💦