Sooooo painful 😣😣😣 (UPDATE)


Currently in triage at l&d waiting to see if my cervix progresses. Currently 1cm dilated and must get to at least 2 for them to keep me. Omg these contractions are so damn painful!! I had been having contractions all day but they got so intense and painful that I just had to come in. I'm hoping I will dilate more because I can't imagine going home in this much pain. I'm so tired and sleepy but the contractions are keeping me awake. Much kudos to the women that decide to go through labor drug free. I for one will be begging for the epidural.

UPDATE: Well I got sent home last night because I was stuck at 1 cm dilated. I have been consistently having contractions and at this point playing the waiting game to see when they get even stronger (😨😖) so I can go back. Knowing I could be stuck at 1 cm for a few hours to days concerns me because I can't imagine dealing with this pain for days. Also I just lost my mucus plug and had my bloody show at the same time. Hopefully this means either my water will break or this labor will soon speed up. Wish me luck and the best of luck to all laboring and waiting mothers to come.