Facebook, cheating, pregnancies, lies.

Now, I don't know if this is going to sound stupid of me or not but here it goes. Sorry for the long post.

My boyfriend and I have been together for six years. At the beginning of our relationship, he cheated, I was drinking too much. We were a mess. Facebook was causing a lot of problems in our relationship. Fast forward about a year into our relationship, we moved in together and decided to both delete our Facebook accounts to minimize the problems. This was 2011. It worked great, we were fighting a lot less! Awesome. Now about a year after this we move across the country together. Get a new place and start new jobs. He gets me pregnant, we can't keep it and give our little girl who I gave birth to on my 23rd birthday to a very nice family. Really hard time for me as I didn't tell anyone, was living in a new place and had no friends to talk to. I was pretty depressed. Fast forward again where we both have better jobs living in a better apartment and stable, I am pregnant again with a boy we are keeping. We have our baby boy. When he is five months old, my boyfriend suddenly quits his job one day and we decide to drive back across the country to move home. When we get here, I am pregnant again with our baby girl. We both get new jobs a find a good place to live here and have a baby giro together. Fast forward again to two days ago, she is four months old and as I am browsing the internet, I stumble upon his very active Facebook page. Now since I didn't have Facebook I couldn't really see what he had been doing. So I got pretty angry he had it, but calmed myself and asked him for an explanation. He got defensive, I asked for the password to go on to see for myself since he said he had nothing to hide. Turns our for FOUR YEARS of our six year relationship he has been cheating. Emotionally and physically. The messages I saw back and forth between him and multiple women made me sick. Literally sick. He had been doing this at least once a year since we deleted ours. I haven't been on since 2011. While I was pregnant, alone, depressed. While I was alone through giving away my child. While I moved across the country

with him. While I stuck by him and supported him through the winters when he got laid off and didn't get EI. He was cheating on my behind my back.

Now I'm severely heart broken. I don't know what to do, how to act, I feel numb. I don't know why someone would have two kids with someone while treating them that way. Now I am stuck. I don't know what to do. He stopped doing it in 2015 Jan, so it has been a while, but I am so hurt and confused. I don't know what to do but cry. He swears he's changed and loves me but I don't know how to trust him. What do I do?