our baby girl is here 💕🎀

Jessica • Currently on pregnancy #5 at age 30 with our rainbow baby! 2 boys 1 girl ❤️
I went in Saturday 10/8 to labor and delivery thinking that my water had broke and having pretty painful contractions. Well it wasn't my water so they sent me home because at that point I was at 0 cm dilated. My mom in law had just got to town that afternoon to help us for my scheduled cesarean on 10/11. When we got back home from L&D we took our oldest daughter to the fair which was a good and terrible idea in itself! The whole time we are at the fair I was having back to back contractions, 3-5 minutes apart that I felt in my back, stomach and hips. I didn't want to complain too much because that night we wanted to spend celebrating our oldest daughters good grades. When we got home after the fair, I told my husband I was going to jump in the shower. I thought maybe them checking me at the appointment
Had stored things up and a shower would calm it down. I was soooo wrong! I stood in the shower crying with back to back contractions that were so very painful! It had been almost 10 years since I experienced labor pains since my other two births after that were both cesareans, my body never got to the labor part. They were so close together I had just long enough to catch my breath in between! My husband helped me out of bathroom tonthe couch where they got closer, longer and even more painful until I finally said okay let's go in! We head back to L&D and they did a very painful check where we found out in 2 hours I went from 0 cm dilated to 3 cm dilated so they rushed and prepped me for my cesarean that night. At 1249 am, on Sunday morning, I gave birth to Kendall Marie Watson @ 39 weeks exactly, weighing 7 pounds 2 ounces and 19.5 inches long! She was my biggest baby and she is our last baby since I got my tubes tied that day as well. It sure was a last pregnancy and delivery to remember lol but god it was so worth the wait!!!