Depression and Anxiety

Please no mean comments. Im being the most real i can be right now. Okay so I'm just gonna go out and say this, I have been feeling so depressed and anxious about absolutely nothing lately. Like, I tend to think up the most outrageous situations about upcoming events in my head, and work myself up about it, and then when that event happens I'll start freaking out and having panic attacks. I have been praying, reading scripture, taking meds, and telling myself that it will come to pass eventually. But I just feel so alone because I can't talk to my husband about it because he would just freak out I'm taking Meds from the doctor that could increase fetal deficiencies and I can't talk to my mom because she is halfway across the country and not in right mind. And everyone else will just tell me to calm down, your over thinking it. Just calm down. How does you saying that make me want to calm down? Praying has really helped and currently I am reading Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Meyers. I really believe God put this on my mind to write because someone on here can help me. I want to be a good mom and not an anxious one. Thanks in advance. Love you guys.