Bummed but Blessed

Came to my OBs office on Tuesday. I rescheduled my appointment because my swelling was getting really bad and into my face and hands. My mom suggested the night before to take my blood pressure. It was 161/85 which is not normal for me at all my bp is always perfect, so I got a little scared. I wasn't with my OB 30 minutes. I had all the signs of preeclampsia and she sent me to L&D to be monitored. Once I was in triage my bp got up to 218/106 so they gave me medicine to try and control it and admitted me to the hospital. I then did a 24 hour urine test and was diagnosed with preeclampsia. Normal protein is 300 mine was 800. My blood pressure is normal and baby girl is perfect. There has been no stress on her at all, so that I thank god for. I really hope I was going home to complete bedrest but I will be staying at the hospital for the next 5 weeks until they take her at 37 weeks. I can't wait to see her but I also want her to bake as long as possible so I am asking for prayers that blood pressure stays good and we can wait till 37 weeks.