went ultrasound again today see that my baby doesn't have heart beat this second doctor told me this I been 3 hospital

Shremaine • Rip to my baby 9/5/2016 when you stop growing heart stop but 10/23/16 when you finally came out me w/ naturally MC 👼🏼
Well I lost my baby at 8 weeks and 3 days because I am suppose be 13 weeks 5 days I'm dispointed In My body cause it gave me hope to think my baby was still alive , One doctor told me my baby didn't have heart beat another doctor told me it did this doctor told me today it didn't stop growing @ 8 weeks as well as the first doctor told me 😒 but for my body to trick me like that's just give me luh hope is really fucking with me I'm not even sad cause I can always have a baby but the fact that I still have symptoms that's come and go then come again like WTF ✋ but it is what it is one day I'll have a baby