SO gets frustrated with baby

Jacqueline • Mommy to Nora 💕
I'm currently a stay at home mom and my boyfriend works M-F from 5:30-2. When he gets home all I want him to do is hold her and spend time with her so I can have a little bit of a break. Our daughter is almost a month old and wants to be held all day so needless to say it's exhausting. Not to mention she barely lets me eat or use the bathroom without throwing a fit. The issue is that when she starts crying he gets frustrated with her because he "doesn't know what to do". When he gets like that I just take her because I don't want to listen to both of them. It makes me sad though that he doesn't take the time to rock her or figure out what's wrong. I feel like I have her all day even when he is here. I get he has his job and I have mine, but I can't help thinking wow it must be hard to be a parent for 30 mins each day. Another issue relating to this is our daughter refuses taking a pacifier. I've tried Avent and Nuk and she doesn't like either. She screams when she's not being fed and is never content. I wish that he could hold her and give her a pacifier not only so I can have a break, but so she's not nursing for comfort. Any advice on either of these issues? I've addressed my frustration with him, but I don't know if he'll actually fully understand how hard it is caring for her all day long.