13wks 6days--Newest sonogram from genetic's Dr

The first picture the baby wouldn't stay still. He/she was bouncing all over the place. The second picture is scary because baby was looking dead at us. My baby looks evil. Lol. I've seen other sonogram pictures on here that looks similar 2 mine so that makes me happier knowing I'm not the only 1 out there with a picture like the second 1. Got the genetic's testing done and will find out what I'm having in about 7-10 day's. He asked if I wanted 2 come back near the end of Nov 2 get the Anatomy testing 2 make sure my baby's anatomy is perfect. So far Genet Dr tested 4 downs syndrome, checking 2 make sure baby has all chromosomes and just about all other genetic disease's cause downs syndrome doesn't have 2 be hereditary 4 your baby 2 have it which I didn't know until he told me. I wish I lived closer 2 this Dr cause I would love 4 him 2 be my regular ob/gyn cause he is a high risk Dr but I'll be seeing him every month 2 make sure everything is going good especially because he said I have a hemotoma behind my placenta and that's what has been causing the bleeding so basically I can't do hardly any walking or get really stressed out because that's when I really start bleeding.