What they don't tell you!

I'm due on January 13th and I can't wait to meet  our daughter!!
I am extremely happy and blessed to experience growing such a miracle, but I have to admit some of these pregnancy pains I can do without!
Here are my top 2,  what's yours?
2.  I'm carrying a low and my lower back, butt cheeks, vagina, and hips feel like they are being punched all day every day lol!  I don't depend on Tylenol and I walk as often as I can, but there are times I just want to lay down and just not move! I have a desk job and if I sit down too long I get so stiff!
1. SPITTING! None of my friends have ever had this problem but me! It started around 15 weeks and tapered off around 22 weeks just to start again a couple weeks ago. And I'm telling you, it maybe TMI but I can fill up a cup in an no problem. Sometimes I just keep snacking on things to get my mind off spitting. I HATE IT!