Bayleigh was born on September 26 by induction

Kelly • Hi im Kelly! This is my 4th Child. You are a surpize baby!! Im so in love with the both of you! your daddy makes me so happy :) love u apple baby💛💜
Bayleigh was born on September 26 by induction. Me and my oldest child Kenzie went to the hospital at 7am. My iv was started at 8am. I was already dialated to 4. It was pretty smooth.The deal I had with my nurse was to have this baby by 7pm.when her shift ended since she had never had a delivery with Dr Taylor My contractions felt like mild cramps. At 2:45 my nurse came in to check me. I was at 6. The Dr came in to break my water at 3:02 pm. As soon as he did that things got hard. Lol I felt her moving. I felt like I was going to be sick. Than I felt the need to push. There was no stopping it. My nurse Kendra( she was fabulous by the way) was trying to get set up. And there was no time. I started pushing... She was like stop! Just wait he's not here! 2 pushes 17 minutes later at 3:19 pm Bayleigh was born. 6 pounds 5ozs 19 inches long. This was the easiest most fastest birth I've had. After was what sucked. I couldn't stop bleeding. My uterus couldn't wouldn't didn't wanna contract. That happened with my 1st baby as well. Than they just gave me a shot and the bleeding stopped. This time around that wasn't the case. I got medicine given analy...Ohh the fun. I had just pushed out a baby and now your. Messing around and shoving things in me.. My Dr was the absolute best Dr to have. He was gentle and compassionate. When that didn't work they put a catheter in me. I wasn't having the greatest time here at this point...And finally when we realized none of that was helping he had to go in and get all the blood clots out that were in my uteruses way..keeping it from contracting. That was the worst imaginable pain ever. It lasted all of 20 seconds. After that all was good. He kept me I. Labor and delivery until 9 that night. And him and my nurse came and seen me the next day over in the mother baby unit to make sure everything was still alright.