emotional wreck

Every time I wake my husband up in the morning, he always ends up screaming at me like his face turns red. He always gets so upset that I woke him up, well if I don't wake him up he would sleep all day and not even get up to go to work. I can't even ask him for help with our daughter if I need too, he just says that it's my turn or he doesn't have time. But he never takes care of her when he gets home from work. I always end up doing it even though it's my turn to sleep. He never takes the trash out and I always end up doing it. Afterwards it hurts me bad. But I still manage to do the dishes and do the laundry when he's supposed to be helping me out. I can barely do laundry without me getting sharp pains in my belly. He never picks up after himself and always accusing me that I'm blowing money. We need to save up a 99$ deposit and save up 599$ to move in our apartment. But he never lets me manage the money. I'm just so sick and tired of getting treated like this. I don't even have socks for the winter cause he barley buys stuff for me but he will blow his money on himself. I'm just starting to think that I'll be in there giving birth by myself. Idk what to do.