creepers be creeping😁😳😰

I was sleeping this week and my mom came in my room and I thought she was gonna yell at me but she was gonna check on me. The reason why she did that was that when my parents were taking care of the baby they were looking out the front window and they saw 2 boys one my age and a younger one staring at my house looking directly at my window. 
Honestly I haven't invited or told anyone where I live so it's strange how they'll know. Also last year there's been people calling up my house phone but I haven't gave them that number either. 
Now I don't feel safe knowing that people were staring at my window sunday evening and I don't know who they are. I feel like I'm gonna get raped/assaulted now 
Like what were they even trying to look at? Did they do that before? And who are they?