Caitlynn • Dealing with a chance at infertility and losing my greatest dream. Early twenties, first period about ten years ago.
So I've had my period for 12 or so years and recently; like about a year or so ago) I've developed what a call an allergy (more of an irritation) to the disposable pads. Getting a major heat/diaper type rash down there. I've switch up the brand and no matter which brand it still happens. Really pain full. For my last two periods I've been trying organic pads, the natacare brand, and thought it's not as bad as it's been it's still there. But goes away after a few days once the period is over. I have been thinking about trying reusable pads but seems like a lot of money for just trying some thing. What's your opinion? And for those who think it may be a sti/std I'm still a virgin.