Birth control

Hey everyone,

I got prescribed birth control for the first time and I'm having a really hard time deciding whether or not it's worth it for me to take.

I'm in a long distant relationship and am only having sex the few times of year we see each other. I am going to college next year and am not sure I will be staying in the relationship I'm currently in. I'm also very lucky to have little to no issues with my skin, a light period with barely any cramps and my period is very regular. My only complaint is that I get migraines around the time of my period, which my Dr. said may be improved or worsened with the birth control "Mircette" that she prescribed. I am mostly just concerned that it could destroy my skin and have adverse effects on my period. And if it does, would these effects go away if I got off of the medicine? I'm also worried because I've been told it can mess with mood or your ability to have kids later in life. I would really like to here your opinion, bc maybe I'm just being way too paranoid.