Crazy thoughts and dreams

I was in a relationship for almost 10 months. Today would have been our one year anniversary. Im really struggling sometimes. Sometimes i think sex should be avoided for a long time in a relationship because i would be over the kid by now. I had been single for years prior to this relationship, it was a very lustful, puppy love (real love on my part) relationship. While in the relationship my dreams were normal. After getting out of the relationship my dreams constantly involve him and wild sex. I wake up upset obviously. I also have lots of very vivid sex dreams about other people i am infatuated with. I also have dreams about being the crazy ex girlfriend who tries to sabotage my ex in new relationship even though he isnt in one. Basically just a lot of angry, sex crazed dreams. Its incredibly frusterating. Part of me thinks i should just fuck someone so the dreams will go away but that is not who i am as a person and that wont make me miss him any less. Just ranting. Need support.