Sharp, pulling pains in uterus 7 DPO --HELP!!


So I was laying down watching TV, and a pulling sensation started happening on my left side.

TMI, I got in the mood with DB and started to stimulate myself, and all of a sudden-- BAM! Extremely sharp pain that knocked the breath out of me. It felt like a tightening, jabbing pain that made me feel woozy. So I went to bed.

Laying down now, it isn't so bad. It's uncomfortable to move, and I can feel a twitching/fluttering on my left side. Pain scale 7/10. I mean, HOLY OUCH!! (Scared the sh*t outta me).

No bleeding.

What the hell just happened??

Is that normal for a DPO symptom before a BFP?? Or maybe an ovarian cyst rupture? Implantation?

Just what the hell?