Finding yourself again

Price • Together for over 13 years, married 6 years. After 3yrs ttc w/PCOS we finally have our son! now without trying we r pregnant with baby #2
I want to say first I love being a mother it's the best thing in the world! After a long battle with infertility /pcos that I was able to over come naturally, we were blessed with our son and I love every minute of being his momma! But I was starting to feel like I was loosing me a little bit. You know what i mean? Like it was all about him and once he was asleep at night I was like ok.... now what haha. I realized I had stopped doing everything I used to do before we had him in our lives because now I just didn't have the time for it.. a few months ago I joined younique and I feel like I have something for me again. It has helped my self esteem not to mention helping to add some extra spending cash to my wallet. But I also met these wonderful women and mothers that are working from home or getting to spend more time with their kids because of this opportunity! I'm not there yet but it's a possibility! But these women are amazing! They are all over the world and I have never met them in person but they treat me like I am their best friend regardless. it's nice to be able to have someone to encourage you and push you out of your comfort zone and help you grow as a person and a mother. It has been a wonderful experience and it gives me a little me time to work on my identity as a woman not just a mom! It's also something I can do with out taking anything away from my son. I can still work my business and still be with him and play with him it's awesome! I needed this in my life and I'm just thankful that I found it because I now feel more balanced in my life 😊