memorial tattoo

Okay so here's the sitch, my brother passed away last year and my first tattoo will defiantly be in rememberance of him, but I have no idea what to get! So yes, I'm going to complete strangers to get help on something that will be on my body forever 😁
Here's a little bit about me;
I go to boarding school away from home and I'm really big into the drama department, mostly performing arts. I ride horses for my sport. I dye my hair for self expression (I'll add a pic for my recent hair do :3 ) I've suffered from depression, psychosis, anxiety and ADHD almost all of my life (yes almost all of my life... riding began as a therapy at 4 years old :/ ) and well that's the big stuff about me. 
My brother was 16 when he passed away, played football and baseball though he favored baseball over the two. He passed away from SADS (sudden arythmic death syndrome ) junior/senior war had just began and seniors came and knocked on our door at around 10 at night, he ran out side and dropped dead in our front yard. 
I try to stay happy go lucky, but honestly it is really hard. 
But anyway, here we're a few of my ideas.
1) a coordinate of where my home is right above my heart to symbolize 'Home Is Where The Heart Is' and also that it is the loacation of where my brother passed 
2) the musical notes to the chorus of 'My Heart Races On' by Lil Wayne, which we play in rememberance for him. (He had been obsessed with the song before he passed )
3) some kind of baseball&football tattoo. 
4) any ideas that all of you have! I'm open to options 😁
Please post your memorial tattoos below! 💞