My painful birth story (long story)

Well my little grace isabelle has finally arrived. I came to hospital last night at 730pm and got 3 rounds of cytotek which brought me from a completely closed cervix to like 2 cm and 90% effaced. At 8am he broke my water and before he could start me on the pitocin i was in full blown labor. I was in sooo much pain, the contractions were getting soo bad and i wasnt gettinf but 20-30 seconds between contractions. I begged for my epidural at like 4 cm cause i was in screaming pain. They came in to do it and the stupid guy kept hitting bone he said and kept numbing me and retrying, i was contracting the whole time and it was terrible! I was crying and screaming and so he called in someone else to do it and the guy got it. It didnt kick it for like anotjer 5 contractions but boy when it did it was tbe biggest relief ive ever felt in my entire life! I dialated throughout the day and by 4pm i was 10cm dialated and ready to push, her head was so low they said i wouldnt need to push long...they were so wrong. After 2.5 hours of pushing my epidural wore off and i was in so much pain, i was pushing through the pain and she just wasnt coming. He had to use the vaccuum because the cord was wrapped loosely around her neck once and he didnt wanna cause her anymore distress by me pushing. So he got the vaccuum and at this point i feel everything, he attaches it to her head and pulls her out as i push and omg it was the worst pain ive ever felt in my life. Labor is noo joke yall. But once she came out it was the biggest relief ever, like after youve had a big poop. But i started hemorraging and was loosing alot of blood. My hubby was freaking out and yelling at everyone. They take the baby off my chest and give her to the nurse to clean off and get her shots and eye medication. Im feeling really dizzy and as im loosing blood i just see everyone running around me freaking out. Finally he got the bleeding under control and stitched me up. I only needed stitches inside my vagina. Which btw im in sooo much pain now its ridiculous, i can barelyy walk or sit down. My lady parts are swollen to the size of texas but good news i have the most perfect baby girl ever and i would do it all over for her ☺😍