Why do i feel like im the only one excited about announcing my engagement?

Crystal • 23 years old,engaged, and ttc #1 for over two years.
Hi, I'm 23 years years and my boyfriend that I've been with for 4 years and with with for 7 months, jut propose to me on Xmas. anyways I told my family and didn't get the reaction I was looking for until later on I guess it sink in...I just told my coworkers and they were like ' oh congrats' like it was whatever and were sharing their stories when there SO gave them a ring. IDK maybe it just me but I feel really bad. I feel like me and him are the only ones excited about our engagement. I guess you can say that in this town ALOT of relationship don't work out. I'm pretty sure that's what their probably thinking?? What should I do? My mom is telling me not to be bragging that I'm engage??