A girl that my bf and I know approached him telling him she thinks I am hot and never experienced a 3some and was wondering if I was willing to do it. Now I've had one before and my bf and I were talking about doing it which I have no problems with. Well last night he was drinking a little to much and it was me him and the other girls talking and he kept trying to kiss her she kept offering him her cheek but it hurt to watch him try to kiss her the way he kisses me now the 3some hasn't happened yet but he knows it will am I wrong for being mad and hurt that he was trying to kiss her? I told him that if we do the 3some she is only meant for the bedroom and that I should be the only person he kisses. I know what all comes with the 3some so I don't need to be told anything about that but just on the fact that am I wrong for feeling that way?