5 wks 1day suddenly getting faint positives after super strong positives

Brittany • 6 yr old perfect son & 2 waiting to be held in heaven.
I'm terrified. We had a MC in September close to 7 wks. I'm currently supposed to be 5 wks 1 day and all my tests are faint now with fmu. Even the digital wks estimator has dropped back to 1-2 when over a wk ago it was up to 2-3. Prior to hitting 5 wks they were very strong positives. I've had no bleeding at all. Haven't really cramped unusually. Anyone else had this happen? I called my obgyn and he says it's too early to really see what's going on by US and that I am going to have to wait it out until my appt January 13th which will put me at 7 wks 2 days. My only hope right now is the so called 'hook affect' considering I had 2 positive opk's less than a wk apart & a weird stomach rash that's more common with multiples. Trying to stay positive but at the same time preparing for the worst. I'm not sure how to go through this again, if I am indeed having another MC. Any input is appreciated.