I need some advice!!!


I was recently diagnosed with endometriosis! :/

Here's my story...

It all started back in March 2014 I was having these weird crampy pains which I thought were just normal since I was coming to the end of my period so I just let it go until in the middle of the night the pains got excruciating I couldn't even move I had to get rushed to the hospital they ran some test, ultra sounds, CT scan and finally they told me my pain must have been from an ovarian cyst that ruptured!!!( never had an ovarian cyst before) so they sent me home with pain medicine and to follow up with my OBGYN so two days later I went to my obgyn ( come to find out she was on medical leave) so I had to see a different doctor she told me yes it was an ruptured cyst. Two weeks later the pain has gotten severe and I was bleeding heavily and I couldn't understand why so I went to the emergency room again( this time to a different hospital) they did an ultrasound and told me my cyst was still there and to come back in 6 weeks to keep an eye on it with my obgyn. So within 6 weeks my pain has gotten so bad it would shoot through my sides my lower back to my shoulder my stomach was even extended bloated that point I knew the cyst was growing!!! Now it was May and I go back to the OBGYN they do an ultrasound and the cyst has grown so big its covering my entire ovary I'm in so much pain I just tell the doctor I want it removed of course the doctor does not want to because it would involve removing my ovary and he doesn't want to since I am only 26 years old so in the meantime they want to put me on birth control to try and shrink the cyst and to come back in a month for another ultrasound I am desperate at this point I'm in so much pain so I try the birth control I was 3 pills in and got so sick I could not take anymore the OBGYN just kept telling me you just have to get used to the pill( i use to be on the pill) now I'm even more pissed and I told them I can't take it anymore pain I can't even work do any daily activities I'm in so much pain just give me the surgery and I'll be fine with losing an ovary so I had surgery in June 2014 I had laparoscopic done and he was not comfortable removing my ovary so he drained the cyst and while he was in there he discovered endometriosis a lot of it!! He did not really explain much he did not tell me what stage I was in he just told me I need to do 6 months of treatment of lupron. I told him I did not want to start any treatment because I'm getting married in April and I don't know how the side effects would affect me so he said well let's see how it plays out the pain could have been just your cyst. Now it's seven months later and I'm in more pain than before instead of calling OBGYN because they did nothing but give me the runaround I looked up a fertility doctor who also specializes in endometriosis I go for my appointment he did an ultrasound and come to find out my cyst came back but on both ovaries. So now I have to have another surgery to remove both cyst which I am a little nervous about because I am NOT 100% healed from my last surgery now my surgery is going to be 2 months before my wedding and we want to try to conceive right away so my question is can you get pregnant with endometriosis and should I do the treatments before trying to get pregnant or wait and see?