Found you guys!!!

Jennifer • TTC #2 for almost 3 years ; Just got my BFP today (12.01.14) Hoping for the best and a healthy 9 months! Miscarried 3 times and really hoping this could be my miracle for Christmas N a blessing!
Heeey AUGUST group. Haha I was wondering if there was a group for august babies. So anyways, I am 7 weeks and 5 days ? I have been having cramps and bad constipation. Like I have never wanted to use the restroom so bad. It hurts all over when I'm trying to go. Anyways baby's heart beat was at 133 BPM at 7 weeks. My next doc appointment is Jan 5, needs to hurry up!! I've shared my pregnancy news since I found out (3wks) although I do feel like I shouldve waited since ive had 3 MC already. It was very hard. Through the mc and TTC and now that I am pregnant.. Again.. It is still hard, I freak out everyday worry everyday.. Hoping this baby will stick! I do have a 3,yr old. He was my first! So this makes it my 5th pregnancy at age 20. Yes I'm young. Had my baby at 17 but I think i did and still doing good for my AGe. I did drop out to be with my baby for a year, afterwards I got my GED. My SO and I both work. Own house. 2 cars. 2 furballs. One Aussie and one pit. Sorry for the life story but ya! You can say I get pretty lonely. Lol I don't mind reading any stories anyone who wants to share :)))