Baby fever

Renee • Married 11/9/14...BFP 6/28/15...DD 2/25/16, BFP 3/29/2019, MC 4/12/19 👼🏻, BFP 🌈 6/12/19, DD 2/4/2020
Recently married and anxious to ttc...I know my husband wants children, he's so into buying a house first and getting to be financially stable(which we are) but it bugs me because it's not like we try for a baby, and who's to say we'd be successful the first time around, then all of a sudden we have no money...we'd still have about 10 months to save! Lol maybe he doesn't quite see it that way Cuz he's a guy lol I feel like I'll never know when he's ready because I find myself always bringing it up or talking to him about ttc and him never really bringing it up to biggest fear is not being able to have children, I don't know how to not feel that way...sorry ladies lol