Overly sad, and need advice.. my heart is broken 💔

Found out from another possible baby mother to my bf that he wanted her to come over and hook up, or it would  be some other girl since I'm out of town. But the only reason I'm out of town is because legally we can't see eachother right now. So when I confront him, he get irate and yells at me, saying he wished I aborted the baby, and that I'm not the one for him so I say okay that's fine goodbye. He calls and calls finally j pick up and it's only for him to yell at me some more. He continues to say kill yourself please no one loves you, I want you to kill yourself with your baby inside. And said I'm a horrible person and not to put a baby through dealing with me. So I'm balling and hang up and he won't leave me alone now. Says I called him with bs so he is doing the same.. 😢😑 Everyone I know and meet say I'm a wonderful person and seem to love and appreciate me, but he tears me down like that when I make him mad. Clearly he did tell her that otherwise he wouldn't get that upset. I just don't know what to do. I'm staying with my grandma, I'm thinking of just moving back in to my dads house, for me and my babies sake. I'm still pregnant only 5 months. What would you do?