Can't do anything right.

My baby is 5 weeks old and I just feel like I can't get it right. I feel guilty if she's fussy so I hold her at night and cosleep so she'll give me longer stretches of sleep. And when I ask my husband for help, he's mad. He says that he wants to help but is always pissed when he has to wake up. Tonight, I woke him up because I was getting frustrated. I was going to lay down for about 30 minutes when I heard him say "stupid f--king baby" and some other choice words. So I got up and took the baby and the bottle out of his hands. He got mad because he said he had it under control and then made me feel guilty for taking the baby away from him. It doesn't feel like he wants to help. I guess I need to start not waking him up at all at night and caring for her on my own. I feel like a bad mom for getting frustrated with my daughter in the first place and like a bad wife because my husband got so mad at me.