feeling down😉

Mrs. r
Hi! I got blood work results yesterday that said my progesterone was only 4.2. I had bloodwork on cd 6 and had everything tested like thyroid, fsh, a1c , estrogen, progesterone,all that stuff. I went on to have an u/s at cd13 to check for follicles and the other anatomy to insure everything was ok. Thankfully, it wad🙌. My thyroid was on the high side so I start my meds on Thursday . I had bloodwork on cd 23 8 dpo and it was only 4.2 (progesterone).. that's very low😞. Now I know I ovulated I had a peak on my monitor and very positive opk Ali g with pre ovulation dip and then a significant rise the day after .. I'm feeling very down today .. why can't things just be ok 😪.. I'm supposed to start my period today and so far, nothing .. did I not ovulate with a progesterone level of4.2 or is it just my body failing to produce adequate amounts of progesterone? Anyone want to lift my spirits today and weigh in on this?😊..