body shaming at its finest 🙄

So this is my body type (I added for visual) well recently I was asked to be a bridesmaid for a friends wedding, which I was super excited for. She was getting married in Chicago so I'd drive well over 4hrs away to attend the needed appointments. Well as I went for a dress fitting I was the only "big girl" ever one was a size for or smaller. No biggie I was comfortable with myself. Well as things progressed everyone was fitted and had a dress looked awesome then there was me. The store was going to make me order a custom size 18 then charge me to tailor it down to basically a 16. They told me they did not carry sizes for "bigger" girls so while everyone else was paying a smaller price I was being charged $300 just to order the dress. Then the bride had the gall to kick me out of the wedding because no one knew how I'd look in the dress and again I was the "fat girl". Not only did the store shame me so did my "best friend". It's taking some time to get back to being happy with myself. I hope no one ever has to go through that (because let's admit it it sucks). Just thought I'd share my story, if you have one feel free to share because I'm sure it's not just "bigger" women that get it. Now a days it's so hard to even be a woman and feel happy with yourself.