baby throwing up

Devin • Married, Bikini Competitor, Fitness Addict, Stepmom & First time mommy 💗
Last night about an hour or so after breastfeeding my little girl she became fussy like she normally does so I was preparing another bottle for her to eat. While I was preparing it she threw up all over me. It was quite a lot as it got all on me and crates a small puddle on the floor. I know it always appears more than what it actually is but it seemed like a lot!  Then this morning I breast fed her again and when she was done I laid her dow. After attempting to burp her for about 3 minutes. About 15 minutes after she ate she sneezed then coughed and spit up came shooting out of her mouth. I'm wondering if it was an air bubble? After she did that I sat her up and she has been smiling ever since. She doesn't seem to be in discomfort. Is this normal? I'm a ftm so I'm nervous. She is 10 weeks old.