Prodromal or "early" labor- just plain miserable!!!!

Mary Beth
I'm 40+2, on Wednesday night I had contractions that ended up being every 5 minutes for hours but midwife said they weren't strong enough so I didn't go in and they stopped. I contracted for 8 hours total. Then Thursday night the same thing happened except they were 10 minutes apart but way more intense. Yesterday contractions started around 4pm and were 5-7 minutes apart and occasionally even 3 minutes and pretty strong. I went to L&D at 1am. Only 2cm but fully thinned. I got sent home at 4 am for not progressing even though the contractions were every 2-4 minutes. I walked the halls for an hour while there. I came home and continued to contract so bad that I was crying and couldn't sleep. I've taken long baths, taken Tylenol, and done everything I can to relax. I'm about to go crazy! I've been having contractions now for 20 hours and had a combined total of 16hours the two days before. I haven't really slept since Tuesday. I don't know what to do!!!
Update: we have a baby! He's 9.2lb and was born (vaginally) in sunny side up or posterior position. He's having some respiratory issues and had to go to the NICU, please say a prayer that he heals quickly.