If your hypoglycemic

Have you taken glucose tablets??
I was talking to a trainer to get info on special needs training for my dog.. I'm anemic/hypoglycemic. This year its maybe.. worst it's been. I've had a seizure, and "the usual" (legs buckling or so weak it makes it hard to walk, hands/arms shaking, incoherent or speech messing up, vision gets blurry, double vision, dizzy,headaches, blacking out, fainting)
He said special needs training is up to you but just to know if your dog can do it basically because so many can't, your starting at 8-10 grand and I don't do that deep with it, just other types of training.. He asked me why I wasn't taken glucose tablets and I said well no one has suggested me to it.. 
So what is glucose tablets? What do they do? Stabilizing your blood sugar I'm guessing but how?
PS, I've considered eating meat again because I've been a vegetarian for years, and the anemia/hypoglycemia started BEFORE I became a vegetarian surprisingly.. I just don't want to put my body in shock cause ig idk how to go about it. Anytime I've tried to eat meat I either feel miserable or am stuck in the bathroom from it 😷