How can i get my boyfriend to break up with me.

He hits me sometimes and I don't really like him anymore. He doesn't leave bruises or marks anymore so there's no proof for if I were to call the cops. I also don't want him to get arrested or in trouble. He's my baby's father and I love him but I just dont think our relationship is healthy. I want to be with someone who would never hit me or just be single. How can I make him break up with me so he leaves me by choice? I don't want him to get angry because that's when he gets violent. Don't say cheat or pretend to cheat because I'm pretty sure he'd beat the shit out of me. I've already tried breaking up with him but I'm not strong enough. I always want him back or forgive him. I feel as if he's brain washed me into thinking it's OK for him to hit me because I do things that make him mad and because it's only once in awhile. (Once a month or so)

Edit: the reason why I believe that he's abusive is because his dad would hit his mom really bad when he was a kid. He's really messed up in the head. Thanks for the advice everyone. I really appreciate it. I'll be attempting to leave tonight. Wish me luck.