pregnancy or cancer?

Been ttc for 4 months now my period is due tomorrow I took a pregnancy test yesterday and this morning they both had very faint lines with in the 3 min mark the test said don't read results until 3 mins is up each time the faint pink line showed up right before the 3 mins was up. Pictures are hard to see but the line is pink I've herd a lot about Evap lines ect but I tested with this same brand last month and no line showed at all only the control line then my period came.. My mom was in the hospital a while back and they said her pregnancy test came back positive but she hadn't had sex in 5 years turns out she had a tumor in her stomach.. I'm reading things about HCG levels and cancer and says it's possible.. I guess All I can do is wait but I can't help but worry a little bit.. Any advise would be great. 
Ps all these photos were taken within 4 mins of taking the test..