15 and 7 weeks pregnant

So this is basically just an update (more info on my situation on other posts) anyways so I'm 7 weeks and 3 days pregnant and my parents still don't know, the baby's father is my "ex" he's 17, we never really dated but it was more than just hooking up and he'd tell me he loved me (probably lies but I still fell for him) I see him at school all the time and it hurts cuz I want to be with him but he doesn't want me or this baby. Still trying to figure out what I'm gonna do, most likely abortion pills but I have to figure out how to get them and I don't have much time because I don't think I can take them after I'm 12 weeks, I wish I could take them sooner because I know that this baby is developing more and more each day and the idea of abortion breaks my heart but I can't have this baby for many reasons so please don't mention adoption or just keeping it because I can't. If I don't get the pills by 12 weeks I guess I'm gonna have to have an actual abortion which I really don't want. Just looking for advice or anyone that was or is in a similar situation.