please help me

I'm just wondering why my ex has got in touch with me when he has a new partner he was telling me he still loved me and that he basically missed our sex life he then turns the tables and tells me he doesn't love me I'm nothing compared to his new love interest and that basically he's very happy (this was whilst I was upset) he was clearly enjoying the fact his words were hurting me he then proceeded to tell me he has slept with this girl unprotected 'because she's not like other girls where we live' and that she's a lot better in real life than on photos... he says he doesn't love her and she doesn't love him so why be together? And also why not keep me out of it rather than telling me about his sex life then telling me he was looking through my photos on social media crying? I'm very confused.. I am not getting involved in there relationship as it's not my concern and he's with her now. I'm not the type of women to go near a boy in a relationship even when he's my ex... what is he trying to tell me here? Dos he still love me or what?