My short birth "Caution long story"

Ebony • I'm a 30 year old business woman/stay home mother of seven children including baby in belly. Wife to one husband I enjoy sewing. Lover of Jesus Christ

So I was woken by a very strong contractions at 5:45am 10/22/16 I went and used the bathroom and realized that the contractions I was experiencing are the end contractions. I went over to the bed and woke my husband by putting my body weight on him because I couldn't talk he looked at the clock it said 5:55am he said we can't go anywhere we have to pick up Rell"my step son I don't like to say step because that's my son"at 7am I looked away and started walking he seen that it was time by my face and said oh goodness ok let me get the kids up so we can go"My Hospital of choice is an hour away" My husband came back into the room and started grabbing clothes and said let me get your clothes on you I pointed to my dress that was laying by my bed and told him to just put that on me lol I had no undies or bra on y'all but he did it. So I grabbed the keys told all the children to load up in the truck. We got in the truck now I'm waiting on my husband whom is taking forever so I now look at the clock 6am I started to beep the horn because the contractions was coming back to back 1minute apart then my husband finally came. He then looked at me and said I have to get gas we almost on E talking about a hot Mama ugh so we stop by Royal Farms to get gas leave there at 6:15 now we are on our way to the hospital my husband was stopping at every red light I told him to put the emergency lights on and go so he called 911 informing them what was going on the dispatch was telling my husband that if he pull over they can take me to the nearest hospital my husband explained to them I will not go to that hospital"Guys that hospital is terrible" he was really fussing with my husband so my husband hung up the dispatch called back this time I picked up he kept going on and on about first time mom's I told him this is my sixth pregnancy fifth delivery he then said oh well God bless you I will alert the cops letting them know your on your way. My husband called my sister told her to meet us at the hospital to get the kids we got to the hospital at 6:45am I told the guy at the desk when I walked into to get me a wheelchair he like huh so I kept walking towards the elevator I heard a lady say I'm a nurse on my way up to the fifth floor I'll take her she was so God sent she got me in the wheel chair got me upstairs so quickly and when we was coming off the elevator my husband is like hold on I forgot the kids lol smh she's like how can you forget four children so I get to the nurses station and she is like I need your cards I said you do not understand he is coming I need y'all to check me so thankful the head nurse said get her in a room my doctor came in she went to check me my water broke his head was right there. She said your fully dilated when your ready you push he was born at 6.54am with two pushes so Thankful God kept us both. Here's Josiah 7lb 5oz 19.5in long

Arrival 10/22/2016

EDD 10/25/2016